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Start to Assess Your Plan

Step 1: Determine how many people will assess the plan

If one person will assess the plan, create a user account with your name and contact information. If you have a team to assess the plan, you may want to create a shared account using your organization name and contact information.

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Step 2: Decide which domains you intend to assess

You can opt to assess health-related policies of your plan across all four domains, or only a subset.

  • A comprehensive approach is useful if you are in the process of an update of your plan or if you are interested in learning how you can integrate or improve health in all policies.
  • When you create the plan assessment, all plans are selected by default, but you can deselect any that aren't relevant.
  • Once you have selected domains and started the assessment, you can hide specific question groups in domains to refine the focus of your report.

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Step 3: Schedule time to assess your plan

Because comprehensive plans are such lengthy documents, we recommend you use the following time estimates for the assessment process:

  • 1-3 hours per domain
  • 4-12 hours per plan

Your work will be saved as you go, so you can schedule time across multiple days if needed.

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